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Ballsy Men's Underwear

Ballsy Men's Underwear

Please note our boxers run slightly small, so if you're unsure please order a size up.

Cautiously coddling your sack like only high-quality, breathable material can, these Ballsy Boxers are the most successful egg drop experiment in history. 

The Ball Bag – Where conventional boxers bunch up and squeeze around your acorns like a particularly sadistic python, our Ballsy Boxers were ingeniously designed to give your balls breathing room and support at the same time with the help of the Ball Bag.

Ridiculously Soft and Breathable Material – Soft and breathable materials around, we’ve been able to create moisture-wicking boxers that vent heat from your chestnuts to keep them from roasting.

Wedgie-Free Design – A little bunching here or there isn’t the end of the world when it concerns other body parts, but when your boxers get pinched around your balls and/or crack, the result can be really annoying and painful. That’s why we utilize a completely wedgie-free construction. No more ducking around corners to tug out your knotted underwear like a psycho.  

Anti-Noodling Waistband – There’s nothing more frustrating than a waistband that decides to up and noodle on you before you’ve even worn those boxers five times. Ballsy Boxers are engineered to avoid this awkward fate, thanks to a soft and highly flexible waistband that remembers your measurements like a tailoring savant. 

Better Stitching, No Itching – So many boxers overlook the stitching element. Even a millimeter of raised or poorly placed stitching can painfully score your sack like a Brillo pad, making for a super not-okay experience from start to finish. Thanks to our durable, no-itch flatlock stitching, you won’t ever have to worry about that torturous poking and chafing. 
• 95%  rayon
• 5% spandex

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